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Adding animation.gif files to WordPress can prove frustrating, even for the most experienced blogger. I know! I encountered the same problem and spent several hair-pulling hours absorbed in help forums to find the resolution. I don't want anyone else to go through the confusion and frustration of scouring through all that mess to find the simple resolution. Make sure your.gif image is below 500 pixels. I went for much less at 350X200 pixels. Various theme templates allow for different sizes, but none usually allow for files larger than 500 pixels. It's best to be safe by making sure your file is well below the maximum allowed for most themes. They are extremely useful as downloadable files because of their small sizes and can be put together to create animated GIFs; on the downside, the picture quality is lower than other formats. Even then, a GIF image is an extremely useful file to show smaller clips of videos and can be associated easily with Microsoft Paint.The acronym 'GIF' is used to denote a Graphic Interchange Format. GIFs are small image formats in 8-bit or 256 color which can be downloaded from the Internet fairly quickly. After making your selection, you will need to choose what section of the video that you've selected that you would like to use or add your photographs to. If you want several areas of the photographs and video to be animated, you will then need to complete the process multiple times, until you feel that you have animated all of the spots that you want to.